All You Need Is Luv Collection

Our Luv Inspired-branded pieces were created to share the luv with you! The dainty and feminine rings, bangles and necklaces in sterling silver and gold were made to show off your love of Luv Inspired!

Alphabet Collection

Simple, pretty and personalized, the Alphabet Collection pendants are reminders of your, or a loved one’s, individuality. The initial charms are available in upper and lower case letters in sterling silver as well as gold.

Bangles & Bracelets

These beautiful slim bangles and bracelets are luvly additions to your wrist.  Each Luv Inspired bangle is subtle and delicate – giving you the option to wear them individually or stacked.


Layer these for valentine's day!


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Our delicate earrings are created with whimsy and romance in mind. Each set of Luv Inspired stud and hoop earrings is available in sterling silver and 10k or 14k gold, rose or white gold.

Little Bits of Luv Collection

Delicate pendants in the Little Bits of Luv Collection serve to remind you of your dearest objects, passions and people in life. The small charms range from anchors to ballet slippers, crosses, stars and scripts.

Luv Equestrian Collection

Our Luv Equestrian Collection is inspired by the beauty and grace of the riders as well as their beloved horses. These pieces incorporate symbols that encompass the equestrian sport and lifestyle.

Luv Infinity Collection

Derived from Latin, the word infinity signifies “a state or quality of being endless”. The necklaces and bracelets in the Luv Infinity Collection feature infinity charms that can mean different things to different people: endless love, friendship, happiness and peace.


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Valentine's Collection

Luv yourself this valentine's day with specially gifted custom made piece.